Here you will find a more detailed look at my music, organised in various playlists for your listening pleasure. You can also find my Bandcamp releases on this page too.

Ambient Selection

First, Here is a playlist that compliments that special atmospheric feel that I like to create in my music.

Piano Album Vol 1

Piano Album Vol 2


Below is a collection of all the songs I have released so far. All forms of songs are accepted, finished or not.

Experimental Ideas

I am very experimental in nature. This playlist gathers all the little and complex experimental ideas that I like to create. Welcome to Jamie’s audio tinkering.

Piano Collection

Expressing sound through the piano is very natural to me, I have done it many times before. Below is a compilation of all the piano tracks that I have released. Enjoy the journey.

Simple Pieces

These are simple, beautiful, wonderfully expressed pieces of music. Simple in meaning, but powerful in its impact. Enjoy.