Here you will find a more detailed look at my music, organised into various playlists for your listening pleasure. You can also find my piano albums on this page too.


Have a listen to my songs. This playlist includes all of the song ideas that I have uploaded to SoundCloud. Some of them are not completely finished and have not been expanded yet, but I hope to work on them at some point.


Here is a collection of classical ideas that I am working on. These use traditional instruments like strings, harp, and choir sounds.

Piano Albums

Here are my piano albums, a milestone in my career as a composer. Playing the piano is one of my favourite pastimes.

Piano Album Volume 1

Piano Album Volume 2


I like to experiment with granular synthesis. I find it incredibly expressive how you can manipulate sound in this way and how subtle textures can be created.


Here is a collection of little piano ideas that I created in music software. Just little ditties that I composed that I hope will provide you with a sense of calm and peace.


Here is a collection of instrumental recordings that I have gathered. I hope you find them peaceful and reflective.


Last updated March 2018