How to meditate?

Meditation is just a word, it does not have to mean anything to you if you don’t want it to. Meditation is simply the process of allowing one to relax.

It is so easy, it’s unbelievable. From my own direct experience I have found that time is irrelevant. One can instantly experience the effects no matter how long they do it for.

All one needs to do, is sit quietly.

That’s it!

When you do this, you will realise that you feel more relaxed.

That is the purpose of meditation. To relax.

It is so beneficial to ALL human beings, I recommend everyone do it whenever they feel they need to.

Love Jamie


I have created this piece of music called “Peace” which I believe can help you relax and enter into a peaceful state of balance.

The sound is called ‘+19 Jacques Telephone’ and you can find it in the Xpand!2 plugin by AIR Music Technology under Ambience + FX.

I was guided to this sound when creating a radio drama of ‘Northern Lights’ by Phillip Pullman for a university assignment. I found this sound very deep, peaceful, calm, and magical. I showed it to other people and they also felt the calming effect it produced. And so I created this idea to further emphasise this message.




‘All is well, all is known, all is understood on a very deep level. We are all here, We are all Now, We are all connected. We are all Love.’



As another form of inspiration, I have also taken some pictures that I hope will help you see the beauty that is all around us. And to help you connect with our beloved Mother Earth, Gaia.

I believe meditation is the ability to become one with everything and to access the inner wisdom of the soul. I think this is important as we are all creative beings and we can all benefit greatly from receiving wisdom from our own creative expressions in the higher dimensions.