Home Studio

Welcome to Indigo Dream Studios


I operate a home project studio in my bedroom. I find it very cosy and convenient to be able to compose music whenever I want. I create my songs in both Propellerhead Reason and Apple Logic Pro X music software. Below is a list of the main equipment that I use.

  • Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Laptop.
  • M-Audio BX5 D2 Active Studio Monitors.
  • Avid Mbox Pro (3rd generation) 8*8 Firewire Audio Interface.
  • Rode NT1-A Condensor Microphone.
  • Nektar Panorama P6 (61 keys) MIDI Controller Keyboard.
  • Akai Professional MPK Mini MkII Midi Controller Keyboard.
  • Zoom H1 Handy Recorder.

Last updated September 2017